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An Easter Adventure! Time to get creative....
If, like us, you’re wondering just how on earth it’s the Easter Holidays ...
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We're Finalists
Whoop! Whoop! The Mini’s Academy team have been announced as finalists in ...
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Mini gets Sugar Smart
Last week marked the official launch of Exeter's Sugar Smart campaign. Spear ...
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It's all about.... Teamwork
This term, we’re all about teamwork both on and off the pitch. Our awesome ...
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Our Coaches are making history....
The hugely successful partnership between Mini’s Academy’s & Exeter ...
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Mini makes an impact
We've scooped our own award, and it couldn't be a better ...
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Mini's Academy Kit
  Here at HQ, we know that it takes more than just looking great and ...
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Mini's Academy goes All Star
Here at Mini's Academy, we are delighted to have teamed up with the guys at ...
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Let kids be, kids!
Last Monday, Mini’s Academy got involved in a fantastic afternoon at St ...
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The Legacy lives on...
The legacy of RWC2015 is alive and kicking in Exeter, with the launch of ...
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Mini’s Academy


Mini's Academy


“This is so good. It’s perfect to introduce the little ones to rugby”

Nic Sestaret, Director of Rugby at Taunton School, Former Premiership Player

"My favourite part is at the end of the session when we get to cheers for how hard we tried today”

Andrew Diatz, Ide Primary School

“Happy to be involved in such an exciting, innovative venture”

Jai Purewal, Wooden Spoon

“This is great! Perfect for engaging with players”

Tim Stimpson, Former England International, Sporting Partners

“This little guy’s gonna be big! Watch this one!”

Gareth ‘Coach’ Chilcott, Former England International Vena Tour Ambassadors

“Nice! We need this little guy in France!”

Serge Betson, Former French International

“It's really good. He trains us to do lots of activities and funny stretches!”

Eliot Pearce, Pinhoe Primary School

“Very happy to support the project! Think it’s a great idea!”

Matt Jess, Exeter Chiefs

“Cool! This guy’s a dude!”

Jack Nowell, England International, Exeter Chiefs

“This is the perfect link between sport & literacy”

James Bogue, Active Devon

“What better way to get rugby’s values across?”

Sir Paul Jones, First Federation

“Fantastic! I happily recommend all Junior sections distribute bespoke copies among their youngest players”

Dave Butt, Chairman Devon RFU

“I adore the concept of this book, not only from a rugby point of view, but the set of core values it promotes”

Ian Crews, Principle Designate at South Devon UTC

“What a fantastic concept! Love the values behind this”

Alex Payne, Rugby Union Presenter at Sky Sports

“Love this! Great illustrations & potential for development”

Quentin Smith, Chairman at Premiership Rugby

“This is very cool! I like it a lot!”

John Mitchell, International Rugby Coach

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